Paprika ★★★

First things first let me address the comparisons between this and Inception. Are there similarities? Yes. Is it possible Christopher Nolan got ideas for Inception from Paprika? Yes. Did he? I have no idea he didn't tell me. Do I care? Not really because while there are similarities, I think they're completely different films.

Paprika like Inception deals with dreams and the subconscious. A machine called the DC mini is used to enter people's dreams as a form of psychotherapy. Someone steals it and the plot thickens. I won't go into anymore detail to avoid spoilers but that's the jist of it. The story is interesting enough, but I found it a bit too boring in parts and a little confusing. I liked the story well enough though.

We're the film shines is the animation. It's absolutely gorgeous and some of the best I've seen. It's visually stunning and quite simply a treat for the eyes. I'd give the animation 4 1/2 stars.

Overall I liked it, but wasn't able to get fully invested. It may just be me and anime because I haven't loved one yet. I'll need to see quite a bit more before I can say anime just isn't for me though because I have liked some including this film. I do recommend it especially to anime fans, but hey those guys probably saw it years ago : )

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