The Avengers ★★★★½

To kind of steal a line from The Rock... FINALLY! THE RON HAS SEEN THE AVENGERS!

This film was like when you get super excited as a kid to do something or go somewhere and it pays off. You have a blast, you drive your parents nuts talking about it, and you bounce off the walls with excitement until you eventually pass out from exhaustion!

My Letterboxd friends know I generally prefer the darker comic book films so I was interested to see what I made of this film. Well call me impressed! Joss Whedon did an excellent job giving us all the action you expect from a film like this, but also managed to deliver excellent snappy dialogue which is what sent it to the next level for me. I liked each character here better than I did in the separate films. Director Joss Whedon also did an excellent job giving each character ample screen time. Much to my surprise even Hawkeye and Black Widow were giving a nice amount of time. All of the performances are solid, the CGI is top notch, the writing is witty and funny, and it all makes for a really fun time watching a movie! See Letterboxd friends It's not all dark for me. I can enjoy a this type of comic book film! It honestly made me wish Whedon had directed the individual films because I probably would of liked them a lot better if he had. Anyway The Avengers gets a very high recommendation from me as I find it hard to believe anyone who would say they didn't find it entertaining.

Now I would like to give you my 2 year old sons dialogue with me during the film. Keep in mind he is two so he gets a little confused as to what characters go with what films sometimes.

Yorel: Iron Man...yep Iron Man.
Me: Yeah that's Iron Man.
Yorel: Superman?
Me: No that's Iron Man.
Yorel: Batman...Superman?
Me: Nope that's Iron Man can you say Iron Man?
Yorel: Yeah hahaha Iron Man!
Me: Look Rel it's Hulk.
Yorel: See Hulk wanna see Hulk! [picks up Hulk action figure] Hulk smash Hulk smash! [throws it at my face]
Me: Yeah Hulk smash, but you don't throw it at my face and you almost hit your brother.
Yorel: [whining] Hulk smash!
Me: It's OK buddy just be careful!
Yorel: wactha Spiderman?
Me: Know we're watching The Avengers.
Yorel: Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, yeah Hulk SMASH!
Me: You're funny buddy!
Yorel: [during finale whining] See Hulk daddy see hulk please?
Me: You gotta wait a minute Hulk will be back.
Yorel: OK wait a minute.
Yorel: [scene were Hulk runs through the inside of the building Yorel laughing hysterically] HULK SMASH HULK SMASH YEAH HULK SMASH!
Me: [speaking to my wife] I love that kid!
My wife: So do I!
Yorel: [credits rolling] Whatcha Iron Man moomie? Yep whatcha Iron Man moomie?
Me: It's The Avengers son can you say Avengers?
Yorel: Vengers moomie yep Vengers moomie...I wanna watch......Dragon moomie!
Me: Not right now we'll watch it later.
Yorel: OK whatcha Iron Man moomie yep!

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