The Square ★★★★

"The leaders play on top. The people pay the price for everything. The people always pay the price".

"We're not looking for a leader as much as we're looking for a conscience. What is a leader anyway? Are they going to offer solutions from the heavens? They won't do that. The thing is, if we are able to create this conscience within the society, we'll be able to find a good president. We are not looking for a leader to rule us."

Do you take your freedom for granted? I think a lot of us do myself included. Many of us wake up everyday and do what we want without a care in the world. We can speak our minds, protest things we don't like, vote freely, and live however we want provided we don't break the law. In some places in the world it's just not that simple. Egypt is one of those places.

"The Square" is an in depth inside look at The Egyptian revolution through the eyes of 6 very different protesters. The have different backgrounds, different religions, and different ideals but they all want one thing. What's best for the people of Egypt. Thanks to the age of social media the revolution is televised!

We see the revolution as it happens from the streets over a near 3 year period. After protests lead to a quick victory we soon learn how complex the situation is in Egypt. Military leaders continue the ways of Mubarak's regime so the revolution must continue. This leads to a struggle for power between military leaders and The Muslim Brotherhood neither of which seem to have the peoples best interest in mind. I loved how the filmmakers show Muslims, Christians, and everyone in between coming together for a common goal. It's very moving, and shows the sacrifices people made to achieve a better way of life. Their fight continues to this day, and I can only hope this 2014 Oscar nominated documentary opens the eyes of those ignorant to the situation. It's a definite must see.

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