Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) ★★★

I almost turned this off after forty minutes (actually, I did turn it off, because my wife hated it, and I wasn't enjoying it either). The brutality was unpleasant, the humour wasn't landing for me, and the mixing of the timeline took me too far out of the story. It was all a confusing mish-mash.

I carried on with it the next day — I'd paid £14 for it, so I was determined to give it another go — and, wow, it really pulled itself back from the brink. The final twenty minutes, especially the fight scene in the funhouse, is unique, funny, violent, and fresh. By the end I was having a fantastic time.

I can't think of a film I've watched recently that was divided in two like that. If I hadn't gone back to it, I'd have said it was a stinker. But, here we are. Stick with it to the end and you'll be rewarded.

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