8 1/2 is the greatest achievement in film history to this day. This films inspiration towards other huge films and directors is impossible to explain. Without Fellini there would be no Synecdoche New York, the word “paparazzi” would not exist. Fellini has his own world, and it is really shown in this movie. The film consists of dreams, desires, past memories, and the present for Guido being extremely stressful and pressurising. The whole film is filled with symbolism which is very hard to interpret. But its written so incredibly, performed to perfection and beautifully shot. Its filled with bizarre shots, and the first shot we see is our main character dying in his car whilst everyone stares at him, and then is flying his way out, then attached to a rope in the sky to be pulled down by the doctor. His character is a director and his film starts off as a science fiction post apocalyptic epic, however towards the end, the film he is making becomes the film we have just watched. The thought behind this is amazing, it would be amazing to work with Fellini. People say that La Dolce Vita is fellini’s opus. But I completely disagree. While la dolce vita is flawless, 8 1/2 captures something much more true to life and captivating.

8 1/2 is probably the greatest film I have ever seen.

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