Before Sunset ★★★★★

Just like it’s predecessor before sunrise, Before Subset proves once again that the romance genre can be compelling and interesting if your movie is interesting and engaging throughout. 
Although this movie came out 9 years after the first movie, this feels like it made at the right time in there lives. Without getting into too much detail, it felt like a natural continuation of what occurred in the first movie. And none of it felt so jarring. It doesn’t feel like a repeat of the first. It feels like an expansion of what was set in the first and it goes in bold and interesting new directions. 
Just like the first movie, it’s an impressive well made movie. All of the stunning locations and scenery are so captivating to look at. The cinematography is phenomenal. The amount of long takes feels so natural with what is being shown. I love how we would have all these tracking shots of them walking down the streets and the dialogue and chemistry keeps the movie going. It’s a testament of how well written it was and also the terrific acting in the movie. For a movie that is 80 minutes the movie goes by so quick. As the movie continues on it feels like time passes by as quick as the characters. 
I really don’t want to give much away but the way it ended hit hard. 
Overall this an excellent sequel to a phenomenal movie. More sequels should be like this.