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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    Ways to make a good horror film in the 21st Century:

    Include the word "It" in your title.

  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    Few movies blow me away as often and as beautifully as Your Name.

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  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    This bi kid who still cries himself to sleep some nights because he knows it breaks his mother’s heart that he’s not the perfect hetero angel she wants him to be... who still wonders if he’ll ever be comfortable in his own skin... who wishes more than anything some days that gender norms would fit him like they seem to fit everyone else... 

    That kid is currently sobbing uncontrollably in his car writing this.

    This isn’t a perfect movie. But…

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    A little insight into me. Four or five years ago, I spent a combined total of around a month and a half in three short term psychological treatment centers for troubled teenagers. It's the experiences in my life leading up to being sent there and the people I met in that period of time that really started me on the path to who I am today.

    People say that in order for me to like a movie, it just needs…