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This review may contain spoilers.

before I start I just want to say the recent black panther and star wars the last jedi trailers came out before this so that got us totally hyped for this. okay.

uuhhhhhh everyone was right. this was amazing.

Not that I was expecting it not to be, I've been excited since the teaser, but you know, there's always that false hope when it comes to marvel, *cough cough* cap trilogy....
ANYWAYS..... What a sendoff to the Thor trilogy! All the other Marvel trilogies can't relate..... okay sorry I'm done bashing the other films....

Thor and Hulk were always my favorite Avengers, probably because everyone else didn't pay much attention to them so this film meant a lot more to me in that spectacle. Bruce Banner is my son and I will protect!!!!!
The old/new characters are amazing/still amazing. Valkyrie was way different in this than I thought she would be, still badass thought....Skurge was okay, he was the basic "bad turned good" type character. Korg was hilarious. Just looking at him made me want to laugh. AND HEY! They finally got the villian right! AND WITH A WOMAN??? Who would've guessed huh?

The jokes in this were solid. The whole theater (it wasn't that packed it was a late showing) would laugh at every bit, including myself. 
Oh god and can we just appreciate how good looking this movie was? The cinematography, the color-grade, the editing!!! The editing of the fight scenes were perfect, I especially loved the one with Valkyrie and Loki. 
ugh this movie is just so powerful omg. 
Also, it was great that every single character was god damn attractive in this how did Mr Waititi do it?? Loki's eyebrows haven't looked that great since the first Thor (thanks kenny branagh)

ALSO CAN I JUST SAY,,,,, I totally called it so long also that Thor was gonna use the goddamn lullaby to try to bring Bruce back. I was literally screaming. tweet from july 2017 here-

I guess the only problem I had with this movie is that the warriors 3 should've been together when they all died and where was sif? :(

On that note, this is officially my number 1 mcu movies everything else can SUCK IT! I also promise to watch more of Taika Waititi's films, because this was fantastic!

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