Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

"Fuck off, Hitler."

I swear Taika made this with two intentions. 1. To get in the Guinness Book of World Records for most "Heil Hitler" in a scene. And 2. To make the cutest Nazi in existence, Yorkie. I absolutely love this movie and feel it is both important and brilliant. The humor is dark to reflect a dark time and project it through the eyes of a child to put a magnifying glass on the ridiculousness and absurdity of it all. Taika runs me through many different emotions, and the laughter hits just as hard as the tears. This definitely blossoms into controversy, but where there is controversy, there is also conversation. But damn if this isn't bold as hell, and Taika taking on the role of Imaginary Hitler is quite something. All these actors have bought into these roles and the ludicrousness of it all. Stephen Merchant's small role shouldn't be a laughing matter, but he makes it funny as hell, being pitch-perfect evil. Sam Rockwell is amazing as the wounded, disillusioned soldier realizing how preposterous it all is. And Alfie Allen is great as his Nazi cheerleader. Rebel Wilson is hilarious, as she has bought in and swallowed every bit of propaganda. And I think this is Scarlett Johansson's greatest performance yet. She sells the love and sadness beautifully and is the pure heart of this movie. Then, the two leads are amazing and carry these complex and burdened characters, making it look easy. A lot is asked of them, and they completely deliver. Both Thomasin McKenzie and Roman Griffen Davies are incredible. The Rilke quote at the end over David Bowie's Hero is powerful, and if anything is to be taken from this movie, that I feel is the most important.

10 out of 10 untied shoes

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