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  • RoboCop
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
  • To Live and Die in L.A.
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

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  • The Wolf House


  • The Paul Lynde Halloween Special


  • Don't Panic


  • Halloween Kills


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  • I Saw What You Did

    I Saw What You Did


    That's it --- I am 100% addicted to made-for-TV horror movies. I even just bought this book. They're so fun! I love how instead of graphic violence and gore they have to rely on creative suggestion and dread (this sucker is TV-14). I love they have breaks for commercials WITH NO COMMERCIALS. And it's telling that I got literal goosebumps when I saw Shawnee Smith's name in the opening credits of this (she's a horror movie VIP). And little Candace…

  • Killing Spree

    Killing Spree


    Starring Asbestos Felt in the lead role??? “OH GREAT - pork chops. I hate pork chops!”

    Tom “Laughin’ Boy” Russo looks like a hobo and works at the airport. And he is a big ol’ cuckold! His wife is cheating on him all over the place, with his best friend, the electrician, the TV repair man, the Cali-beach dude lawn guy...you name it. But the only evidence Tom has is written down in his wife’s notebook. He never actually sees

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  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    🎃 31 Days of Halloween 2020 (19/31) 🎃

    Visually very, VERY, impressive but it kind of repeats itself over and over and is very slow overall. Needed more wolves.

    Wow it took 5 years to make this!

  • The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

    The Paul Lynde Halloween Special


    🎃 31 Days of Halloween 2020 (18/31) 🎃

    Paul’s opening scene and opening monologue both KILL! I love his delivery and one liners. I loved his song about “Kids.”

    The Rhinestone Trucker bit had nothing to do with Halloween lol.

    The KISS “Detroit Rock City” part rules daddy! Ha Peter Criss also sings “Beth.” And they play “King of the Nighttime World.”

    Paul Lynde died less than 6 years after this aired. Sad!

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  • Don't Panic

    Don't Panic


    🎃 31 Days of Halloween 2020 (17/31) 🎃

    Rewatch w/ gf! She’s never seen it. Wow I didn’t notice the uninbrow lady last time I watched this.

    It’s funny IMDB says it’s from 1987. LB says it’s from 1988. Shudder says it’s from 1989. Lol ok.

    I also don’t remember any of the college/date/sex scenes. Maybe the version I watched on Yotutube was cut?

    Oh well it’s a VINNY SYNNY so it looks freakin’ great! 


    Ruben Galindo…

  • Female Vampire

    Female Vampire


    🎃 31 Days of Halloween 2020 (15/31) 🎃

    Does this vampire lady EVER wear pants?

    The main vampire is interesting; she can lay out in the sun!

    Her walking through the mist wearing nothing but a cape and a belt - whoa.

    I'll never look at bed posts the same way.

    OK we get it, vampires are dirty perverts!

    Real talk: My friend Chris shared with me a great story of how in 2009 this was screened by Fantastic Fest…