Saw II

Saw II ★★½

This really felt like a Saw 4 than a Saw 2! I literally had to double check I wasn't watching the wrong one.

I say that because you totally get to know the person behind Jigsaw (John Kramer) inside and out, including his motives and why he does EVERYTHING. It's wayyyyy too revealing, and that's why I think they should have saved all this shit for a part 4. Let parts 2 and 3 be more full of mystery and guessing!

Oh well. Donnie Wahlberg is in this as the lead which I find hilarious (I bet Mark made fun of him for being in this). And this one somehow didn't bug me as much as the first one. Still, this one needed more puppet on a tricycle! I love that stupid little guy.

Shawnee Smith has a bad haircut in this one. Her needle scene was great though!

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