The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★½

Much like with Star Wars yesterday, I think I liked Empire more this time around. I think what is keeping me from the 5 star (or at least in the 90+ %) areas are some of the slower moments that just don’t have my full attention. 

All that aside though, this is such an amazing movie. Everything is iconic and it’s probably one of the most iconic films ever made (like it’s predecessor), from its memorable score by John Williams to it’s script that contains tons of quotable lines like “I am your father”. 

There are moments where Hamill’s performance leave a little bit to be desired, but everywhere else he’s great and so are the rest of the cast. The action in general and the climactic lightsaber duel feel like such an improvement over the first film, and it’s proof that a bigger budget can definitely help improve a product. 

The characters are all made even more likeable and better developed here, and that’s one of the biggest strengths it has here—making each of its characters better than before. 

An improvement technically over the first film (though I think I prefer the original personally) and hailed as one of the greatest and iconic films of all time, The Empire Strikes Back is an amazing film! 

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The Mandalorian Season Two Review 
Part One


I gave up on summaries and essentially just wrote mini-reviews for this season, so yeah lol. The spoiler ban has been lifted but here’s your warning, most of these will include some kind of spoilers! Enjoy :)

Chapter Nine: The Marshall: Jon Favreau is one of my favourite directors (and celebrities in general) and I’ve gotta say that he definitely doesn’t disappoint with his episode in Season Two. He created the show and he did it more than justice with its season season premiere. His directing is great, his script is good, allowing us a well paced, slow burn build up to the excellent third act and he gives us a FUCKING SEXY aspect ratio change in the third act. 
Cobb Vanth is awesome and I love his character and backstory so much, I was really hoping to see him in the finale (especially because it seemed like he was gonna return) but sadly not (though I definitely think he will at some point in the show’s future). The slower build up really works here and I highly doubt this episode would’ve worked as well without the lengthier runtime and slow burn build up. It all pays off with an excellent fight sequence with the Krayt Dragon too, and the special effects were incredible on that and in general. Also, Favreu’s Iron Man callback was awesome, and the teaser at the end was cool!

Chapter Ten: The Passenger: Unlike some I actually have quite a bit of fun with Chapter Ten. I don’t love that it just feels like filler that could’ve been avoided and only increased the overall quality of the season, and Din being a space taxi isn’t the most exciting premise; but most of the content in the actual episode is good enough for me. 
The Child nomming on babies is actually super dark when you take away the cuteness and humour, and I’m not sure if it disturbs me or I like it’s purpose. But I think it gives Din an opportunity to show more ‘parenting’ for The Child (even if it’s just small). Peyton Reed (the legend behind both Ant-Man films, which I love) did a pretty good job directing the episode, and scenes like the X-Wing chase and that creepy, intense fight with the spiders were highlights of the episode for sure. 

Chapter Eleven: The Heiress: In my opinion I think this is one of the more overrated episodes of the show, which isn’t saying much because I still really like this one, I just don’t think it’s as incredible as some do. It probably stems from the fact that I have no connection to Bo Katan or Ashoka (who is name dropped, which got most people mega hyped), so those being mentioned/appearing didn’t quite have a huge impact on me. 
However, that said, Bo Katan is played well by her actress and she kicks fucking ass here. Dallas Howard’s direction here is great and it gives a great homage to her fathers work and some kick ass action scenes. The boat scene is still effective and surprising upon rewatch, and it was great to get a look at Moff Gideon too. 

Chapter Twelve: The Siege: Really like the cold open, pretty cute and funny! Some people seemed pretty annoyed that we didn’t get straight into Ashoka and that this felt like filler, but I’m actually quite the opposite. I thought it was nice to have something less epic before we got right into the crazy stuff, and I think this actually did quite a lot plot wise. We saw the return of the scientist and learned more about his and Gideon’s intentions, and it also meant that our characters were now aware of Gideon’s survival. 
It was quite nice to be back on Nevaro with Greef Carga and Cara Dune, and I just love Carga and Weathers’ performance. Speaking of Weathers—he directed this episode pretty well, with a great action sequence in the second half of the episode. I really dug the tone of this one too, it was filled with comedy but had some great intense action, and it worked for me. 
The cliffhanger with Gideon and the Darktroopers was cool as well, and it helps set the scene for the amazing second half of the season. 

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