Upgrade ★★★★½

This very much lived up to my expectations! I’m totally in on the Leigh Whannell hype now, after this, The Invisible Man and the Saw films I’ve seen (which he co-wrote). I see my score definitely going up on rewatch, and I definitely see myself rewatching this at some point at least once or twice. 

The only real nitpick I have is the whole sneezing nanobots thing, that just felt a bit silly to me, but that’s coming from the guy who has a film about a bunch of people in costumes and armour fighting a big purple alien for two and a half hours listed as one their favourite movies. 

Anyway, I loved the direction from Whannell and cinematography here, it was excellent. The choreography and lead performance (physically just as much as acting in this case) were brilliant, and said choreography made for some fantastic scenes. The effects and score were great, and a lot of the effects in the action sequences seemed to be practical, which is always a positive. 

I loved the score, and Whannell managed to balance the sci-fi, action, thriller and horror elements really well too. It’s a new take on a classic revenge thriller and it works incredibly well. 

Excellent action scenes and sure handled direction make Upgrade an amazing action sci-fi thriller that I think will hold up well on rewatch.


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