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  • Death Wish

    Death Wish


    The fact that movie is quite dull and very uneven (even for a film w Roth at the helm) is almost more offensive than the fact that all involved thought this remake was remotely a good idea.

  • The Cured

    The Cured


    a big ol pile of MEH

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  • The Bourne Supremacy

    The Bourne Supremacy


    Sill the best of the bunch. Smartest combo of script + action + direction + insane editing.

  • X+Y



    This was fine and decently made though a bit dull and too typical. However, Sally Hawkins is breathtaking and gives one of her best performances as a mother struggling to love and help her son after the death of her husband/babydaddy. The scene where she tries to order takeout for her son alone is worth the price of admission. I honestly wish the film were more about her.