American Honey ★★★★½

Reasons to love Star:
- she cares about animals
- she cares about children (she wants a family of her own someday)
- she cares about her integrity
- she's cautious of her surroundings in a way that's indicative of a person with more temporal experience
- yet she's still a young woman who wants to love and be love and is willing to pursue fairy tale aspirations for a happy ending

I love her so much and I care about her so much.

- "American Honey" is a song of southern pride that doesn't include Star. It's ironic that when she first meets Krystal, Krystal remarks, "you're American honey, just like me." But not just like her, because Star instinctively knows to address Krystal as "ma'am." Maybe she's trying to be polite to a potential employer. Or/and their exchange is residue from black servitude/enslavement to white employers.

- I knew I should have been disgusted with Star's relationship to Jake. At the same time, it was hard not to see myself in her; wanting to be loved so much while discovering her womanhood, that, it's easy to believe that their's magical romance to be found in the world of men. That they're not all terrible or distant, that you can bridge a gap and come to know one as well as you know yourself.

- The cinema verite style of directing gave the film a sense of sincerity; I don't think this film was exploitative of lower class individuals. But based on my lot in life, I could be very wrong. So. The reason that I say that this film isn't exploitative is because the improv from the non-actors allowed them to act freely, as they saw fit. This freedom of expression left little room for stereotypes to be pressed on to them, or for the audience to fill in gaps to who these characters are, since their expression of self is pretty self explanatory. If you felt the need to question why this band of kids feel that swindling money is the best way to make money, maybe you should just chill out for a bit and stop yelling at poor people to quit being lazy. idhk though

I found the last scene satisfying (not to mention gorgeous). Star chooses to immerse herself in the healing properties of water under the light of a nurturing moon. Whether or not she continues to sell magazines, or end up with Jake, she has a good head on her shoulders and she's gonna make it out okay.

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