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  • Give a Girl a Break

    Give a Girl a Break


    Debbie Reynolds is a treasure, and that one dance with the balloons and confetti that is played in reverse is truly joyous, but there's no depth to this and all the relationships suck. the men in this movie are terrible and boring!

  • Lost Weekend

    Lost Weekend


    [Seen at the 2019 Sidewalk Film Festival]

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  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    "She has actual coke bottles for glasses. You paint a mustache on a Volkswagen she says, 'Boy, that Omar Sharif sure runs fast.'"

    I... I think this is my favorite Gosling performance?

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Somebody need me too much.
    Somebody know me too well.
    Somebody pull me up short,
    And put me through hell,
    And give me support,
    For being alive.
    Make me alive.
    Make me alive.

    The juxtaposition of the two Sondheim songs near the end socked me directly in the gut and I cried from that moment until the credits rolled. I love this movie. Incredible performances from this entire cast. The extended argument scene between Driver and Johansson feels like it…