American Boyfriend


-Ben Jeffries running


A: Cinematography

- Not everything needs to be at it's lowest aperture
* If 80% of your shot is blurry you should probably trash it

- Don't shoot for coverage
* About half your shots we didn't need

- In terms of grading and colour correction, well, you should be doing it. I personally recommend a program like DaVinci Resolve (free and industry level)

- The red room was a perfect example of how you let aesthetics take over the a scene. When you made the choice to make that room red it took away from the narrative purpose of that scene. It became less about what the scene was about and more about the a e s t h e t i c.

- Rule your shots with an iron fist. Don't half-ass anything.

- If you don't have the sensor ability or lighting equipment to do a professional low light shoot, I would recommend shooting in the day then grading it to night

B: Writing

- Holy shit

C: Sound

- Shoot scenes where you know you can get good sound

- In camera audio was terrible. A solution would be to try to use something like an Iphone that you can put on your actors to try to get better audio. A mic anywhere would be incredibly helpful.

D: Acting

- Acting felt very artificial. There was a barrier between the actors and the material that took away from the actors performance, I think a general lack of understanding of their characters was a result of this.

Good luck next time
Andrew and Ethan :)