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This review may contain spoilers.

there are many things that i really do love about this, and it defied all of my expectations about it. i love the way that david lynch made laura to be a three dimensional character when really the only capacity that we knew her in for two seasons was the dead girl, who was kind of idolized in her death. to see laura in her life and to see her struggles was unnerving, as this portrayal of her was something i could have never expected. to see the abuse and trauma that she endured was shocking, although it was alluded to in the show. something about seeing the events play out instead of just hearing about it was upsetting and unsettling. furthermore, this movie sheds the goofy comedy aspects of the show, which is instrumental in showing the horrors of laura's life, but i do miss the comedic relief that the show provided in times of darkness. the classic twin peaks goofiness was missed, but i understand what had to be done to tell laura's story and to have the reality of her life sink in with the audience.
also, a brief side note to say that i missed agent cooper dearly throughout this, but he did provide some gems that i love, such as: "diane, it's 4:20pm" (blaze it) and "where are you going then?" "i'm going over here"
also also, another side note to talk about david bowie's accent!! how did he do that? i could have watched him talk for the entire runtime and be okay with it
with all of that being said, this opened up a lot of questions for me and it has made me rethink almost all of the original series. going into the return, i hope to have some answers. but in typical david lynch fashion, i will probably walk out with even more questions

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