2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

"In some remote corner of the universe, flickering in the light of the countless solar systems into which it had been poured, there was once a planet on which clever animals invented cognition. It was the most arrogant and most mendacious minute in the 'history of the world'; but a minute was all it was. After nature had drawn just a few more breaths the planet froze and the clever animals had to die. Someone could invent a fable like this and yet they would still not have given a satisfactory illustration of just how pitiful, how insubstantial and transitory, how purposeless and arbitrary the human intellect looks within nature ... only its own possessor and progenitor regards it with such pathos, as if it housed the axis around which the entire world revolved. ... It is odd that the intellect can produce this effect, since it is nothing other than an aid supplied to the most unfortunate, most delicate and most transient of beings so as to detain them for a minute within existence; otherwise, without this supplement, they would have every reason to flee existence..."

-Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Truth and Lying in a Nonmoral Sense" (1873)

A modernist fairytale of a mathematically exact Prometheus giving the gift of cognition to the weakest of all animals that allows for the building of empires and beauty and pain and science before stagnating into an incredible arrogance to the point where that same human cognition is attempted to be created artificially.

Humanity's time has run its course, human beings so self satisfied with their own creations, and Dave Bowman must cross the threshold into the unknowable, and what a staggeringly beautiful unknowable this is. It really is incredible to me that this film is so rooted in the popular conscious, given the slow pacing and extremely advanced filmic abstractions happening here, not to mention how absolutely Nietzschean it is, but I guess it has been misappropriated and abused so much like N's writings, being used playfully by the Silicon Valley types to inspire the furthering of things like artificial intelligence and space travel. Elon Musk is one dumb motherfucker if he sees something like this and thinks its just a dope ass movie and not about him. Sure, why not give Siri the HAL voice its funny you guys its like the movie! :))))

Dave kills mankind's toys and follies, Dave steps into a cosmic nothing, Dave is the everyman and the overman.

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