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  • The Spirit of the Beehive
  • Badlands
  • Phenomena
  • Thirteen

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  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    red dragon and hannibal are better tbh

    i think they were better of by having protagonists who were more of a challenge to hannibal. i enjoyed their high-level cat-and-mouse games between detective and hannibal, especially in red dragon with ed nortons character. clarice though is very much a learner is always under the thumb of hannibal. it wasnt as interesting a dynamic for me.

    I also thought some of the dialogue didn't come across as revelatory or intense as the…

  • Wish Upon a Star

    Wish Upon a Star


    Danielle Harris and Katherine Heigl in a body swap movie, 'nuff said

    Katherine has some fabulous legs and shows them off a lot here.
    Danielle is literally tiny! I never realised before. Google says she's 4'11. She's soo small standing beside Katherine lol

    I was hoping I would like this a lot more tbh. The poster always caught my eye because of how cheesy it looks. But the story and tone is played really straight and doesn't stray from the…

Popular reviews

  • American Psycho II: All American Girl

    American Psycho II: All American Girl


    Mila Kunis as a serial killer who goes around murdering people in ridiculous ways whilst justifying her indefensible actions in inner-monologues? Yes please! Honestly this was really good and genuinely funny, it drops the dramatic face of the original and goes full tongue-in-cheek black comedy, similar to Tragedy Girls, Home Sweet Hell, or Heathers, but with absolutely none of the acclaim apparently. Just look at those rock-bottom ratings - ouch! Not deserved in my opinion because this is just as…

  • The Lovers

    The Lovers


    A stark change of scene from domesticity to nature (moonlight, lakes, shrubbery) transposes earthly beings into ghostly apparitions untethered from petty gossip and in-house politics. Love is followed wholeheartedly and without delay, and worn with proud visibility in the face of any and all judgeful eyes: "...don't try to understand. You never will."