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  • Showgirls



    "I'm afraid of Americans."

    Showgirls is one of the greatest American satires, deconstructing the American Dream and putting a spotlight on the absurdity of capitalism. Based in Las Vegas, a symbol of the American Dream, Paul Verhoeven calls Showgirls his most researched film, interviewing various entertainment managers and performers from Sin City. He uses the extravagance of Las Vegas showbiz to explore expressionist film techniques made famous in early German films. Nearly every scene is saturated with flamboyant colors that…

  • Body Double

    Body Double


    I need to re-watch Vertigo. I love Body Double and Basic Instinct so much and they're ripoffs of Vertigo, but I never understood it when I first watched it. Another director I dove into too quickly. I'll have to revisit it.

    I knew De Palma was paying homage to Rear Window right away, and didn't catch on fully to the Vertigo stuff until we were introduced to Holly Body and Jacob started sounding exactly like James Stewart. Then it clicked.…

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  • mother!



    As the final credits began to roll across the screen I hear a murmur in the theatre, "I still don't get it." I chuckled to myself and thought, yeah, I don't either.

    I think this one will take a second viewing to regurgitate what I just saw. This film was unrelenting, with vivid imagery and metaphors scattered throughout. Aronofsky went nowhere short of over-the-top with the final act. My jaw was hanging for maybe 10 minutes straight. The un-bearing anxiety and constant annoyance of being surrounded and suffocated, it was a powerful film.

  • Amer



    Visceral film. I'm unsure of how to interpret it, and I really like that in a movie.