Lady Bird ★★★★½

really benefited from a rewatch of this. i’m still not completely sold on greta’s approach to storytelling but i’ve gained enough understanding and appreciation of it that i’m able to see all the things that are being done so well. each scene feels meticulously crafted, with almost every shot and line of dialog having multiple layers of significance. beyond that, they come together to say something greater than the sum of their parts about what it is to grow it up that is highly relatable without being trite or obvious. what i initially saw as making the movie boring (the lack of a traditional plot arc or dynamic supporting characters) i now realize were deliberate choices to both hem closer to an authentic depiction of reality, or one person’s perception thereof, and also show lady bird’s growth throughout the film in a more natural manner than the usual contrived character development in movies. on the whole, this is a great movie. how do you know you can believe me? i haven’t told a lie in 2 years