The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★½

The deficit in character depth in the first title was so glaring, that it's no surprise this issue tries to be fixed with The Godfather: Part II. And it felt good to understand where Vito came from, and his rise from a poor working boy to a badass mafia boss... and then it hit me-- This isn't a feel-good movie. It's The freaking Godfather.
The shift between the rag to riches arc and the downfall of Michael's reign is laughable to say the least.
There's still too much drama over characters you don't care about; slow-paced scenes of Michael trying to find out who betrayed him by looking steadily at people; bad acting; and yet another soundtrack so forgettable it's sad.
The Godfather: Part II is, undoubtedly, an improvement over its predecessor, but as flawed as, making it a forgettable watch, still.