Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet

Othon e Operai, contadini ainda são lacunas (minha vergonha)

O restante coloco quando estiver com mais tempo. Lista em construção;.

  • Dialogue of Shadows
  • Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach
  • Not Reconciled
  • Sicily!
  • Too Early/Too Late
  • Cézanne - Dialogue avec Joachim Gasquet (Les éditions Bernheim-Jeune)
  • Antigone
  • The Death of Empedocles
  • Class Relations
  • From the Clouds to the Resistance
  • Moses and Aaron
  • Fortini/Cani
  • History Lessons
  • The Return of the Prodigal Son/Humiliated
  • A Visit to the Louvre
  • Introduction to Arnold Schoenberg's Accompaniment to a Cinematic Scene
  • Itinéraire de Jean Bricard
  • People of the Lake
  • France Against the Robots