The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project ★★★★★

i forgot how chilling and guttural all the "JOOOOOSH"s are. the editing here is phenomenal; how it compiles tens of hours of footage into 80 minutes that feels like tens of hours anyway, and one of the most frightening moments is the suddenness of the cut when josh starts angrily trying to take the camera away from heather. how content it is to fixate on the strange and diffused texture of the location. how the characters themselves are aware of how the camera is a tool of dissociation and rendering the world into smt convincingly non-euclidean. there's also so many drawn out stretches of pitch darkness and shivers and whispers. there's a strikingly hauntingly beautiful b/w close-up of leaves in the sunlight that's beautiful for the sake of being beautiful, and this is less than a minute before that monologue. the ending where the sound from the hi8 carries onto the 16mm and her screams sound so far away and grows louder and closer as she approaches doom is still just too much for me. absolutely the scariest movie ever made

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