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  • Curse of the Golden Flower

    Curse of the Golden Flower


    When exploring large, thematically complicated filmographies I often feel inclined to find which film is the "key" to unlocking the director's body of work, but instead Zhang Yimou has one lock. That lock is The Curse of the Golden Flower; immediately a work of opulence and beauty, but under which is his most elusive subtextual offering to date. I can't imagine getting much from this besides some great entertainment without first examining the political underpinnings of Zhang's 80s and 90s…

  • The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran


    Life is ephemeral and not for the first time this year a film has left me thinking of Yasujirō Ozu. There are several words I can think of that accurately convey what I find so affecting about his films: it’s the familiarity, delicacy, universality, and the utter immediacy of his works. I don’t think many of these are qualities unique to him but it’s hard to argue against his films being the epitome of them across the medium. I am…

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  • Cars



    not sure this is any better than my prior thoughts about it, but it plays so much better with company and it’s genuinely shocking how many bases of automotive americana this covers.

  • The Limey

    The Limey


    I haven’t seen a film in a month, and technically that drought has now come to an end, but The Limey is never really much of a film anyways, instead it’s almost too much of a vibe. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s too skeletal for its own good or if that’s precisely why it just about works in spite of its reluctant attitude towards character and plotting, either why it’s simultaneously frustrating and fascinating to watch until it reaches a final moment of catharsis. A lot of ingredients are here for Soderbergh to cook but the taste is more faint than truly ambitious.

    Steven Soderbergh

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    This had me until the last three episodes. Not that any of the final three episodes are outright bad, I just found it to be a waste. I like the twist/reveal in itself, it works thematically with Satoru's search for a father figure, and that man being the fallen angel of the narrative. However, I do not like how it is built up. I saw the reveal from miles away, probably as far back as the third episode. I figured…

  • Batman Forever

    Batman Forever


    A Homosexual Movie by Joel Schumacher