True love tells us that it's all about the person being "the one," it tells us that soulmates exist and if I'm being honest, that's bullshit. However, real love tells us that it's as much about the timing as it is about the person. You could meet the person who seems like your soulmate but the timing might be all wrong...and that's just brutal but it's fucking real. Wong Kar-Wai has the most accurate perspective on love, relationships, and loneliness that I've seen. He knows that finding the right person is only half, or a third of the struggle for finding honest love, that finding them at the right time and at the right place in your life is what makes it real. Unfortunately, time and place are out of our hands and up to fate to decide. Man, Wong "getting it" is enough for me to rate any of his films highly, but to bolster what is already a flawless screenplay, 2046 uses its exquisite cinematography and set design to distinguish every passing character in deep and moving ways. Takes what works in Days and Mood and reshapes it, this is likely Wong’s magnum opus.

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