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  • The Tree of Life
  • La La Land
  • Phantom Thread

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  • Soul



    Top Tier Pixar is back! This is the best Pixar film since Toy Story 3, in my opinion. It has everything: compelling story, innovative animation, incredible music, emotion, and an overall charming style. This really blew me away. My only critique is that it gets a little too caught up in explaining the mechanics of its universe, which occasionally brought the story’s momentum to a halt. Still, it always finds its way back on track. Really loved this!

    Also- the “afterlife” animation reminded me of a perfect blend of Don Hertzfeldt comics and the game “Super Paper Mario.” Which I thought was cool.

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    An amazing accomplishment, and one of the finest sequels I’ve ever seen. They were able to make the time gap feel so real and lived. Hawke and Delpy complement each other with some of the best on-screen chemistry in history, and I never get tired of watching them. On their own, I would view their characters as insufferable people at times.. but together, they are completely charming. And I’d say that’s about the highest praise you can give a romance…

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  • Inception



    Not Christopher Nolan at his most perfect, but it is Christopher Nolan at his most FUN!

    Watching this always takes me back to my first experience seeing it in theaters, and how mind blown I was. It’s so much fun watching the concept play out, even when it is a little over the top or borderline silly at times. It does get a little bit tiring hearing the concept explained by the characters so frequently throughout the movie, but I…

  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    A perfect example of everything I love about movies. Blows me away every time.

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  • Our Father

    Our Father


    Netflix is elite at taking a super interesting story and turning it into a boring cookie-cutter documentary

  • Us



    I have very mixed feelings about this. It was all over the place, and didn’t truly succeed at anything it set out to do as a thriller, horror, or comedy. Every time some tension would start to build, it would derail itself with a joke that either didn’t land or was way over the top, completely throwing off the tone. You can’t take the characters seriously because they don’t even seem to care about each other? Characters would make humorous remarks…