Blindspotting ★★★★

Do you like suspenseful movies? Cause this movie will keep you on edge all the way until the end. The story follows Collin(Daveed Digs), a convicted felon who only has 3 days left of probation. The story also has a focus on Miles(Rafael Casal), Collin’s lifelong fan who is at often times violent to put it at the least. 

Digs and Casal co-wrote the screenplay, and it really shows between the chemistry of the two characters. The way they transition from cracking jokes to one another to deep serious moments is seemless, and you almost have to applaud the performances that Digs and Casal put on. The humor actually hit when it needed to hit, but it never watered down the serious moments of the film.

Typically I don’t compare one film to another when reviewing, but I can’t help but be reminded by another 2018 release, Sorry to Bother You. Both films deal with the themes of racism and gentrification in America, but as I said in my review of Sorry to Bother You, I felt as if the film didn’t explore these themes as well as it could of. Blindspotting was the opposite, as it was able to convey these themes in a significantly more impactful way. 

The film was dark and heavy at times, but it also leaves you with a smile at others. Every character had depth to it, it made you actually build an attachment for them. The suspense was excellent, the acting was excellent, and the overall film was fun to watch.

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