Parasite ★★★★★

That was quite an experience. 
Parasite is an extremely dark comedy that is a chilling, bold, and fucking hilarious take on wealth and family, from director Bong Joon Ho, who tells this story in such a lively way that I didn’t think we would see anytime soon, but here it is.... Yay!!!!
Acting across the board, ESPECIALLY from the four leads are absolutely phenomenal, as they really feel like real people, as the actors as well as the screenplay treats then as if the actors are bound to disappear, and they do. As well as the script, the camera, and Bong’s brain. This isn’t a movie. It’s not a film. It’s not art either. I’m spying on a family. That’s how real it feels. Without a doubt the most real piece of art since Yi-Yi. 
Not only that, but the flow and structure of the story, makes a wildly enthralling and entertaining film experience, that I can’t wait to witness again! and again! And again! And I’d be writing this all night if I were to go on how many times I’ll watch this movie. 
Not much else to say without spoiling other than the production design is fabulous, and do not read the synopsis, do not watch the trailer, go in knowing nothing and SEE IT NOW! NO EXCUSES! 
Absolutely wonderful 10/10

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