Anna and the Wolves

Anna and the Wolves ★★★★

I love an allegory that repeatedly beats you over the head. When the state of the state is at stake, there's no need for subtlety. I enjoyed this more than Peppermint Frappé which felt too aimless, but this has a very direct aim at the church, the military, and the family. All three are represented by detestable middle-aged brothers and from the moment Anna, the foreigner, enters their space, they all want a piece of her. The film itself doesn't waste its time with plot, instead favoring a dance between the playful and mocking Anna and the lustful, hungry, wolves. There are definitely weird elements like levitating and bizarre seizures that come across comically, but things start to devolve in a much more sinister way and, like Frappé, the final moments of the film pack the most punch.

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