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  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    Probably the best script ever written. Also, maybe the record for most individual times a film has made me tear up.

    This is actually the first movie I ever remember calling my "favorite", way back when my 5th grade teacher showed it in class to celebrate Christmas.

    The older I get, and the longer I'm still in Georgia, the more I see myself in old George Bailey. I wish people irl were so fucking pure. A beautiful life, indeed.

  • The Secret

    The Secret


    I was just wondering what the worst movie I've ever seen is...and it's this. This is it. Please don't watch it. Just know that it's the worst.

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    Lmao what the fuck?

    I understood the hype around Parasite, and even like it a lot myself, but now yall are just trippin.

    This is Scorsese taking damn near 4 hours in 2019 to say what Godfather said about 50 years ago. It's entirely derivative in form and execution. I can anticipate the argument that the cold and lifeless feel is the point, but I've absolutely seen that done in a way that still manages to be engaging and innovative.…

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Cecil's Star Wars Ranked

    Some context: my partner, DJ, wanted to join my rewatch of the Disney Star Wars films, to be "in the loop". This was my first time watching The Force Awakens since its premiere, and her first time ever seeing it outside of the memes.

    2 hrs, 15 mins later...

    "So I'm trying to decide between giving it a 2 or a 4?"

    "Oh definitely a 2!"

    "Really? I'm not being too harsh?"

    "The story…