Slugs ★★★½

“You ain’t got the authority to declare happy birthday! Not in this town!!!”

I remember seeing pieces of this as a kid on USA one weekend afternoon. All I remember is THE head of lettuce and the very end in the sewer. Both scenes traumatized me. Finally getting to revisit SLUGS, it’s clear there was never anything to afraid of. That said, this is one slimy and disgusting flick. Juan Piquer Simón is a fascinating filmmaker. Directing actors is certainly not his strong suit, but he has a knack for over the top effects work and comical daffiness.  

Surprisingly, SLUGS appears more polished than the other Juan Piquer Simón flicks I’ve seen. But it is a New World Picture, so I’m sure Corman was somewhere cracking a whip to keep this engine running smooth. It’s a good time that would likely play even better with a room full of friends and plural bottles of wine....I guess I can arrange that once this Covid -19 shit passes. So, movie night 2022 here we come!