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  • Big Fish

    Big Fish

    Burton remains disconnected from the light, his cinema only achieving the ephemera. The scent of pastels replaced by the heat of hardware. Your travels will always leave a trace. The camera lovingly vacates within a ram-shackled backwoods, overstocked with broken dreams, crippled big tops, and discarded histories. His father's face was floating, fading in Adam's ale. The tall-tale canvas orally yearns the passing of its fabricator, while its inscribed images remain uncertain of their origin or author.

  • Wrong


    A fetching, yet disposable piece of absurd surrealism that deconstructs how we handle everyday tribulations along with our social interactions shared between gardeners, neighbors, co-workers, and pizza employees. Dupieux directs the ambiguity in such a way that allows the viewer to feel apart of the joke rather than alienated to the point of complete disassociation.