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  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

    The Young Girls of Rochefort


    Wow...just wow. What a treat, what a masterpiece, what a beautiful film. The color, the music, the romance, the dancing. Every shot paints a pastel picture that makes your heart sing for joy. Eat your got damn heart out, Damien Chazelle, you’ll never be Jacques Demy. 

    Random thoughts while I continue to bask in the warmth of this spectacle:

    Gene Kelly is a King. 
    Catherine Deneuve is gorgeous and perfect. 
    This movie was better than “Umbrellas of Cherbourg” which is…

  • Amadeus



    *I watched the 180 minute directors cut*

    Without a doubt one of the finer films I have seen and truly a fitting tribute to possibly the greatest musical mind in history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    I have put this film at #2 all-time in my favorite films list (2001:SO). It is a Masterpiece. An Epic. May the human race forever cherish the penultimate musical feats from all who contributed to the classic era. I believe music reached its pinnacle during the…

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  • Flying Padre

    Flying Padre

    [This is my 7th/16 Kubrick directed films. It is my goal to watch all of them.]

    This was a 8.5 minute long short on a flying priest. It wasn’t ground breaking by Kubrick (or anyone’s standards) but there are a few close up shots that vaguely look Kubrickesque as well as a tracking shot at the end. Overall, this didn’t showcase much of the greatest director of all-times skill set.

  • Donkey Skin

    Donkey Skin


    This quasi-musical-quasi-fairytale was certainly an interesting sight to behold. The vibrant shots full of detail, color, and interesting design are amazing to look at and worth watching this movie for alone. Add on the flawless Catherine Deneuve (she might be my favorite actress all-time at this point) and the fantastic composing of Michel Legrand and you have yourself quite a hidden gem. This is must see if you are a fan of Jacques Demy and his collection of fantastic films,…

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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    Why oh why couldn’t this have been twice as long?

    Cinematography: A
    Score: A
    Story: A
    Editing: D-

    We needed more depth, more character building. 

    Overall, I loved this, it was just needed more time setting the table that simply can’t be provided at this length.

    I do hate to only talk about the negative in this review, so I’ll add that the 4:3 and B&W really do add a lot to the movie (and this is coming from…

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    This was a fucking enchanting spellbind of a movie. It’s honestly mesmerizing. It casts its wonderful magic on you and you can’t look away. It struck a chord in me I didn’t know a movie could. It was really kind hearted with some really interesting turns along the way. Obviously a deeper meaning can be discovered in this film, and that’s probably the point of the film itself, but I’ll let you make of that what you will and I’ll…