Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

On the drive home I was thinking a lot about this film. I knew it was great. It really moved me, and I had a blast with it! 

However, it wasn’t until I walked in the door and my wife (who unfortunately couldn’t come) asked me if it was the “best movie ever.”

I stumbled a bit, catching my breath from the flight of stairs up to the apartment, and said, “uhh, I don’t know!” And then I proceeded to dump all my feelings onto her. About a movie she had never seen. I realized about a minute in that she had, and has, no idea what I was talking about.

But Everything Everywhere All at Once is the kind of movie I needed to dump on somebody else. What a rush this film gave me. The last 20 minutes left me in tears, I laughed through nearly the whole runtime, the action is marvelous, it is absolutely absurd. 

I am completely overwhelmed, but I would give anything to be that overwhelmed by a first time watch again.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is well…exactly that. In the best way you could ever imagine. (:

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