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  • Tully



    When Jason Reitman directed Up in the Air, it hit theaters at the perfect time for me, personally. Newly graduated, I had spent a good six months looking for full time occupation and completely connected with story about ones identity outside our occupation (or lack of it.)

    With Reitman's latest film, Tully, once again its the perfect time for me personally - having a son six months prior to watching the movie. So the struggles that Marlo (Charlize Theron) and…

  • Enemy



    "What the heck?" That was my exact reaction at the end of Enemy. I knew the general direction the film was going, but, like most, I think the events and depth of theme were somewhat lost on me. Especially that final scene. 

    Now, having read more about it, I think the movie is a masterpiece. It's on par with Memento as one of those low budget thrillers that simultaneously talks about the human condition while being a masterwork of technical…

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  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    Ben Wheatley's movie Free Fire was marketed as a cross between Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, big on fun, twists, and contained suspense with a cast of crazy characters. The problem is it really doesn't deliver on any - the tone is much more self serious without the suspense of a Tarantino thriller, while the script lazily believes that profanities equals wit, violence equals suspense, and great premises equal great movies. Even the performances are a little boring, minus Armie Hammer's fleshed out performance as Ord. While the originality and risks the film takes are worthy of praise, a misfire is still a misfire.

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Uninspired, generic, and slightly boring.  These should be the last three words used about a Justice League movie. However, the production problems on this film and firing of Zach Snyder (don't tell me it was anything other than that) caused this film to lose its focus, style, and direction. I believe that WB should have either kept Snyder on board and let him execute his vision, or changed course before production started rolling. Regardless, the product we're left with feels like that - a disposal, forgettable product about the greatest group of heroes in comic book history. Truly disappointing.