Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

This might be my favorite Marvel film to date. It felt very new and fresh and helped introduce me to a group of characters that I wasn't very familiar with.

The visuals were very well done and great to look at. The models of Groot and Raccoon were amazing, I kept forgetting that they were animated. I mean the sheer volume if names in the visual arts section of the film's credits says a lot about the production quality.

This film also was more on the mature side of the spectrum for a Marvel film, which was evident from some of the trailers alone. I mean Chris Pratt's blacklight joke was definitely going over kids heads.

Speaking of jokes the film had me laughing a good majority of the time and it didn't feel as forced as The Avengers did, but that's mostly because the jokes fit the tone of the characters.

My final thought of the film was, how much did Vin Diesel get paid to say "I am Groot" a few times?

See this film, it's definitely worth it.

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