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  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday


    YES PLEASE I am all in for a 50s movie that scans as your run of the mill, old-timey hollywood romance, but has a script by a blacklisted writer, is a bechdel pass within the first 10 minutes, and subverts the very stereotypes it employs. Audrey Hepburn’s Princess Ann comes off as bright and ever-pleasant, but hardly a damsel. She is defined and restricted this way only by her societal/social circumstances (and medicinal mishaps). Gregory Peck seems classically handsome (tall,…

  • Black Swan

    Black Swan


    Wow. Utterly thrilling. Deeply unsettling. Wholly terrifying.

    Despite the fantastical elements, this movie is scary and impactful because it is profoundly human. I think it’s so effective not because of the supernatural, psychotic horror, but because of a visceral realness that defines that horror — a disturbing closeness to reality, a truth within it we know and cannot deny. Her psychosis could be any of ours. Perfection is scary because it is so deeply inhuman, yet it is infinitely enticing…

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I've been thinking a lot about this movie for the past several days, trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong for me, especially because I understand why it has been generally liked and positively received. Fueled with vital urgency it asks difficult questions, and remarkably isn’t preachy about the answers — because the point here is not about finding or preaching them, but through the process of searching, finding the hope and faith amid the bleakness.


  • Clueless



    As if!