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  • Stalker



    "Roadside Picnic", the novel by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky, boasts one of the great concepts in all of science fiction literature. The book is set in the years following an extraterrestrial Visitation that has scarred the face of the earth with mysterious "Zones". The Visitors are never glimpsed or understood, and the Zones are littered with strange phenomena and dangerous artifacts that puzzle the human population. "Stalkers" enter the Zones illegally to remove these artifacts and sell them on the black…

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    Hey, did you hear about this Jeffrey Epstein thing? Kinda weird that this pedophile finance guy with well-documented connections to a Who's Who of powerful figures including billionaire tycoons, the British Royal Family, and former and current American Presidents just turned up dead in his prison cell while awaiting trial for new sex trafficking charges? I mean the media said he killed himself, open and shut case really, he was depressed and facing life in jail and wouldn't anyone in…

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  • Tenet



    I don't mention it very often on here, but I used to write screenplays. I haven't written anything in (checks files) about three years, but I haven't ruled out a return to the format eventually. I simply became disillusioned with my prospects of "making it", especially after writing a couple of very low budget scripts and attaching producers and *still* failing to get the piddling amount of financing I was after. My bad for insisting that I should be the…

  • All In: The Fight for Democracy

    All In: The Fight for Democracy


    A documentary about the importance of voting, in a country that routinely fails to offer its citizens anyone worth voting for. I initially rated this a notch higher, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. No doubt there is important information here about the historic disenfranchisement of women and people of color, and about the perennial Republican project of voter suppression. Those are real problems that need fixing, regardless of the political leanings of those affected. But when…

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  • Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky

    Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky


    One of my favorite things about Andrei Tarkovsky as a person is that he makes these incredibly soulful and incisive works of philosophical art, but with his mustache and short shorts he looks like every suburban 80s Dad on his way to crush a few Kokanees at a Dire Straits concert.

  • Lapsis



    LAPSIS captures the specific hell of the gig economy and tech disruption better than any film I've ever seen.

    It's the near future, or maybe an alternate present. The world's financial markets are booming thanks to quantum computing. Quantum computing demands quantum cabling. Enter 'cablers', who are dispersed throughout the wilderness, guided by app-based software, to tow reels of cable through challenging routes. Like an Uber driver crossed with a tree planter, cablers buy into the promise of hard up-front…