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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    This is fine, mostly. I liked the new super hero designs, and hearing Bob Odenkirk’s voice. Pretty good fight choreography punctuates a stupid story about all the same shit. The theme of this franchise is “runaway vehicles,” I guess? Very weird choice to have your Helena Bonham Carter avatar be voiced by Catherine Keener!

  • Midnight



    Don Ameche hot as fuck in this, he’s one of several creepy stalker types that pesters Claudette Colbert. John Barrymore is spectacular, his hair competing with the twinkle in his eye for MVP.

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  • House



    Probably only my 3rd viewing. It had been at least 10 years since I’d seen House/Hasu. Again, long enough ago that it was almost like watching it afresh. Notes this time:
    - I love how much like, avant garde print magazine/poster design has as much to do with the storytelling in this film as say classical ghost stories. 
    -Lots of practical effects layered with early video art aesthetic, which is very effective at showing internal emotional realities as well as…

  • Predator



    Fun fact: when this came out, I read the novelization and did a book report on it, for which I made a comic book retelling of the events of the movie. (of all my early childhood art I made, I really wish I had this still (also my nightmare on elm street comics)

    Anyway this movie still rips, totally brutal nightmare headspace cocaine jungle action