Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Starting Statement

I, unironically, like this movie. No, I'm not gonna blast Snyder for his plot, story, any of that. This review, also, is the EXTENDED CUT. Not theatrical. Just, don't click away because you disagree. Hear me out is all I ask.

Main Issues

The baggage this movie carries is a lot. Whether people think this movie started DC's decline into garbage movies, or this is where people think Warner Bros. themselves had terrible judgment. But, I for one, like the direction they wanted to go. Affleck, Cavil, Gadot, all did amazing jobs as there super-characters, and Cavil is still my favorite superman (In Movies) , but there's one actor. One so bad, that even after the movie ends you still get haunted by him. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He is so bad, it hurts. Sure, with a better script or anything he would've been acceptable, but nope. He's just a low-budget Riddler. Doomsday also sucked, they rushed him and along with it the Death of Superman. This is my main issue with this movie, they try rushing what Marvel took 4-5 years to do, team-up their heroes.


On the flip-side of that, however, introducing Batman as a veteran hero who has experienced the death of a Robin was smart on Snyders part. Him killing, while brought up a-lot when this movie mentioned, fits with what has happened to him, and it's not like he hasn't killed anyone in the other movies (I'm looking at you Batman Returns). The main plot was alright, but nothing to ride home about. Its main purpose is to set up a point of our two heroes fighting, showing a more literal view of there morals clashing and not just "One kills, one doesn't". Gadot, didn't need to be in the movie, she's there to just establish there is a Wonder Woman.

Closing Statement

MAKE YOUR OWN OPINION ON THIS MOVIE. Don't be a sheep and agree with everyone else, this movie is a big part of DC's new decisions and it's not entirely bad. I'm more disappointed that none of the stuff established in this movie and... Justice League.. won't be followed up in the future (Especially since Green Lantern will be a show, not a movie).