Parasite ★★★★★

Coral Gables Art Cinema - Black & White Presentation 

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. The black & white presentation is the definitive version of this film. It focuses so much more on the character dynamics and performances. Song Kang-ho is an absolutely brilliant actor, so is the entire cast. Also it has symbolism in the black & white because it coincides with the film's dynamic play with class structure. It can be taken as a representation of the duality of the film, but the film always feels so alive and evocative that the black and white is actually used as juxtaposition, as a diversion from the fact that there is so much more to this story. It's not black and white, there's a wide array of grey area to the class and societal dynamics. Also, every bit of dialogue is brilliant. Little things are said early and they all have narrative significance later in the story. I will watch this in black and white every time from now on. The cinematography looks so much better and it's really gorgeous. The first half still plays out like a dark comedy, but with a more melancholic and noir feeling to it. But the second half of the film is a straight horror film. There's nothing "thriller" about it, it's downright a horror film taking influence from Psycho, Eraserhead, and pretty much every horror film from the '20s-30s. It's just so great. I believe this movie is an instant classic but in 10 years i think it'll be fair to call it one of the 50 greatest films of all time. It will be studied and imitated, but this will always stand above all.

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