Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★★★★

Few movies(I say movies cause its more of a movie and not a typical stand up special) have haunted me like bo burnham's INSIDE.
This one felt so personal and real. I don't think I have seen anything on netflix that has spoke to me on such a level.

Bo Burnham is an absolute creative genius and watching him create his way through the pandemic is like watching crackers burst in flames.
There is creativity oozing out from everything in this film. Bo manages to do so much with so little, its not even a joke (gives this guy more funding)

A lot of people have said they didn't think this was funny but I found this funny, sure this isn't a laugh riot but the jokes are there and they are way subtle and nuanced.

My reaction to his jokes' in the movie were like this:
Bo tells a joke
"Oh hahaha he said that, that's funny"
me after thinking about what he said
"Ah shit, he is right"
gets an existential crisis

One of the reason, I related so much to this is because it shows a creative person in his most vulnerable state. There is no glamour here, just, you(viewer), Bo and his crippling mental state. Bo still pushes on like a mad man that he is.

The feeling of overwhelm you get when you are working on big project alone and you have no idea if it will be good or not, I can relate to them ( maybe because I am in the process of making a feature myself) and this guy captures the mind of a creative so perfectly.

My only critique of this is that this was released on Netflix. Bo makes fun of large digital spaces and the power we give them and then releases it on Netflix, which kinda makes his criticism redundant.

Overall, this is an experience like no other. GO WATCH IT NOW!!

If you liked this, I would highly recommend watching Joel Haver's 'ISLAND' and Dan Lotz's 'SHEEP THEATRE" both of them are free on youtube and both of these films kept coming in my head when watching this special.

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