Always Be My Maybe ★★½

My rating for this is probably too low because, admittedly, Randall Park and Ali Wong have great chemistry, James Saito and Keanu Reeves both turn in wonderfully heightened supporting performances, and I got a few good laughs. What more can you ask for in a romantic comedy? I don't know... maybe flesh-and-blood characters, adequate pacing, a sense of conflict that isn't completely contrived, fewer cookie-cutter plot signposts, and an emotional core that feels earned (although I'll say, a late-in-the-game conversation between Park and Saito hit the right notes). This is fine overall. Always Be My Maybe is perfectly amusing when it wants to be... but when it's not trying to hit the comedic beats it's boring as sin.
Also, every character keeps saying that Randall Park's nerdcore rap band is really good, but they're not... they're garbage.

2019 #52FilmsByWomen