Saw V

Saw V ★½

There's a scene early on where Luke from Gilmore Girls finds a tape and Jigsaw is like, "You have found what you're looking for, but will your desire to find out the truth force you to go deeper and travel to the next room? I urge you to stay here." and Luke from Gilmore Girls goes, "Fuck you!" and it's like "Yea, Luke from Gilmore Girls. You tell him!" I've been sick of Jigsaw's sanctimonious bullshit for four sequels now. Fuck that guy.
There was something bold and hilarious about how the previous film the in series focused almost entirely on the nonlinear exploration of a mythology that I'm fairly certain no audience on Earth gives a hot shit about. However, the same technique here in Saw V stops being audaciously funny and just gets convoluted and tiresome.
At this point, the series is more interested in the expanding universe of characters entering Jigsaw's survivor pool than it is with gore and silly traps and moral dilemmas. Not to say the first Saw was that good at any of those things, but it least its agenda was clearly geared towards wacky horror movie situations bolstered by pseudo-philosophical mumbo jumbo. This is just boring world-building stretched far past the point where it's interesting.