Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

There is a scene I can only describe as neon sign porn that had me intensely visually aroused. The shots of movie theaters and marquees made me swoon.

BUT, I could not get over the huge stumbling block of Pitt's characters backstory and seeming justification of this backstory. What was QT trying to address here? If anything it seems like a middle finger up to Me Too. Watch out, women in Hollywood are ball busters if they suspect you of wife murder. You might event lose your career over it! It's OK she was a nag and Kurt Russell is cool with it, it's just his bossy wife that's the problem.

Also, what was up with the portrayal of Bruce Lee?!

As the man in his 40s sitting in front of me cackled almost to the point of seizure at every moment of violence doled out by Pitt, I thought to myself, "ah, this is who this film is made for."

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