Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

As much as a zombie heist sounds like the most fun movie concept of all time, I find that it fails in execution. And honestly, I don’t think anyone could pull it off.

Oceans 11, The Italian Job, Baby Driver, they’re all about a ragtag group of people sneakily trying to dupe others to benefit themselves. The magic of the heist comes from how everything comes together despite the fact that the odds are completely stacked against them. 

There’s a major singular threat, the person or corporation being duped, there’s the threat of being arrested, and there’s the threat of the plan somehow falling apart.

The issue with Army of the Dead is that there is no threat other than zombies. Zombies are easily disposable, you shoot them in the head, then you’re good. All of a sudden the threat has an easy solution, so where’s the heist?

There’s no way the heist could go wrong. The only way to screw up is to lose to the zombies, which, at least in this movie, doesn’t seem like that crazy of a threat.

As much as Army of the Dead knows when to have a good time, it spends way too long with garbage drama and a heist with no stakes. I think this could’ve been a lot better if they gave a reason for a heist and dropped all the shitty backstories, but there’s a zombie tiger so I guess it’s still worth the watch.

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