Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up

Don’t Look Up is a movie for Twitter.

Obnoxious, masturbatory, self-righteous, “political” satire that whines about everything and says nothing substantial. It’s so America-centric it makes Forrest Gump look anti-imperialist. It’s like a child throwing a tantrum, screaming and crying not to get a message across, but so someone can pay attention to them.

Don’t Look Up decides to “””””tackle””””” the tumultuous political landscape of the West, only issue is that it doesn’t. The story of a major cataclysmic event being manipulated into a strategic ploy for power by the wealthy is scarily true. Whether it be faux “wokeness” or hilariously ridiculous crack pot theories from the far right, anything and everything is now politicized, increasing the already enormous political divide. It’s needless and it happens all the time, and it’s only getting worse.

Meanwhile Don’t Look Up addresses this with bad jokes and flat characters. A compelling narrative is smothered by consumer friendly romance and comedy. The movie would rather completely annihilate any semblance of an authentic political message than risk alienating any potential audience members. In turn we’re left with a movie that has a fiery message at its core that’s extinguished by painfully predictable stereotypes.

It’s performative activism at its finest. It’s the movie equivalent of a trust fund business major frat guy pretending to be interested in racial politics in order to have sex despite the fact that his dad is most likely part of the kkk. Rich actors pretending to be poor and caring, when in reality they’re millionaires who don’t give a fuck about any politics if it doesn’t impact their public image. It’s the most egregious act of hollow, political artificiality I’ve ever seen and it’s sickening. 

Don’t Look Up is a pathetic excuse for a movie with what has to be a bottom 5 screenplay of all time. So completely removed from anything remotely clever or nuanced, making a real issue with tons of satirical potential a glorified SNL sketch. I wish they had really just torn apart the current political landscape, especially considering how many personalities and organizations are overdue for a good skewering. It’s just a gross, corporate ploy with nothing important to say, even the enjoyable final scene couldn’t save this travesty. It just shows that if you want interesting, layered, and most importantly, brave, political commentary, stay as far away as humanly possible from the money printing machine that is Hollywood.

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