Dark Phoenix

"Ah shit, here we go again."
Ok. So, there are a few really good things about this film. It wanted to be a resonating, emotional climax to a very inconsistent saga, but in the end, it just fails to live up to any expectations it tried to meet. The performances from Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy were brilliant, which is what frustrates me, since it felt as if they truly tried to elevate the film to higher standards. But still, this was just so underwhelming. It took it's audience on a ride through depression. Just a non stop feeling that lumbers through this entire movie. There's no hope. There's no comical relief or anything to bring any sign of purity. The execution is just sad, sloppy and tiring as hell. Not only that, but it was choppy. The film went from place to place and just jumped time. It just shows lazy writing. It really does. So, in the end, Dark Phoenix is a film which could have been great, but takes an avoidable path to end the franchise as rushed and lazily as possible. I'm done with this goddamn franchise. Seriously.

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